Mobile First: 5 Quick Tips for Creating Content

Last week Google announced that mobile web search surpassed desktop search for the first time. For anyone who works in digital, this news wasn't unexpected but still significant. The phrase "think mobile first" has been repeated often in terms of design, but in content some people have been slow to make the connection.

So, what does it mean for your business? Well, if the majority of your audience doesn't already come to you via their phone or tablets, they soon will. And that means you have to present any information you want to convey to them in an easily digestible format with those devices in mind.



Big blocks of text can be hard to read on a desktop, now imagine on your phone screen. Keep paragraphs brief, 3-4 sentences, and your ideas succinct. Your content should still be informative, but focus on big impact in smaller bites. 


Break up text by creating sections. Something as simple as a new header can make copy easier to read. Remember, most people are scrolling quickly when on their phone. Sections can help them easily identify the part of the article they are most interested in.


Bullets are a great way to make a series of points without overwhelming your reader with unnecessary text. These are especially helpful when considering marketing copy or lists. 


Including images gives a visual pop to your content. It also helps break up longer blocks of text by providing visual interest. A great image can convey more than words sometimes.


Long-tail headlines that force someone to click on a link to read them in their entirety can be off-putting. Clearly communicate what it is you're trying to get across and remember to keep it engaging. Your content will be shared by others and this is your best chance to make it stand out in a sea of similar articles.

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