3 Reasons to Keep an Editorial Calendar

Many of our small business clients have confessed they have trouble maintaining a consistent schedule when it comes to posting to their social accounts and/or blogs. Though they always have good intentions, the day-to-day responsibilities of maintaining a business take priority (as they should), but often at the expense of their online outlets. 

The good news is, there are ways to simplify things and allow for both. If you find yourself in a similar boat, one of these solutions is to start keeping an editorial calendar. 


Keeping a loose version of what you wish to post each week not only prevents you from scrambling for content at the last minute, but it also means you can schedule the majority of your content in one sitting. Knowing the topics you wish to cover in advance allows you to set aside time at the top of the week, instead of getting overwhelmed when things get busy and letting stuff drop.


Looking ahead helps identify upcoming events and important dates that could boost your business and raise your digital profile. Holiday sales, special promotional partnerships and biz-related anniversaries can all benefit from advanced planning. We all know time flies, so don't let a date sneak up on you and result in a missed opportunity.


You'll have a written record of future and past content that you can then compare to your incoming data. This gives you something to refer to for ideas regarding what worked and what didn't, and how you wish to proceed from there. It also allows for multiple people to contribute to your ongoing content. If you have a change in staff or need someone else to step in, they now have a point of reference for what you hoped to accomplish. 


Though having an editorial calendar is a great start for remaining consistent in your online posting, it does NOT take the place of real time conversations. There should always be some spontaneity in your posts. What's happening in the moment will always have a place in your social planning and blog posts, but an editorial calendar will go a long way in getting you in the habit of posting on a regular basis.

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