Friday Five: Snapchat Filters, Google Algo Changes and More

Happy (almost) Halloween! Seems another month is already drawing to a close. Before you head out for your costume parties and candy indulgences, take a moment to check out this week's Friday Five.

  1. Google began rolling out changes to its algo. Unlike some other changes from the past, this one shouldn't be so scary. The goal is to target hacked spam and remove it from their search results. 
  2. VSCO just stepped up its game in the app photo world and moves a bit closer to giving Instagram a run for its money. Their new DSCO lets users create loop GIF images.
  3. Speaking of image apps, Snapchat launched three new filters for use on your videos. Users can now speed up, slow down or rewind their footage for even more control over their final results. 
  4. Facebook finally killed that inbox you didn't even know you had. FB Messenger is replacing the often overlooked (and fairly useless) Other Inbox feature with something you might actually access - Message Requests
  5. Twitch makes a move on growing its creative content side by making it easier for users to discover the artists already using its platform.

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