Social Media and Content Marketing Cheat Sheet

As a business owner, you've got plenty of things to keep you occupied, you know, like running your business. Extra time on your hands - what's that? So, if you're not used to using content marketing and social media for promotion, you can easily find yourself overwhelmed. Conflicting information. Outdated tips. Complex instructions. Where do you even start?

At Tigerlily, we gathered some of our most frequently asked questions and made a handy reference guide to help ease small business owners into the world of digital promotion. Have additional questions or things you'd like to see covered? Leave 'em in the comments. 


You need content on your site. Not only does it help you get found, but it lets customers get to know you and your brand. Traditional ads don't cut it, from video to images to blog posts, this is your chance to grab someone's attention and let them discover what you're all about. Check out some of our blog posts for easy-to-understand tips and advice.

  1. Optimizing Your Site for Search (SEO)
  2. Content Basics for Every Business
  3. Creating Content for Mobile
  4. Data-driven Content Creation
  5. Safely Sourcing Images for Commercial Use


Social media is an excellent way to enhance your brand message and reach your audience directly. But with so many options out there, you might not know which ones are worth pursuing or how to even keep up with regular posting. Below are a few posts to help keep you on the right track when it comes to planning.

  1. Make Social Media Work for You
  2. Why You Need an Editorial Calendar
  3. Tools to Simplify Posting

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