Friday Five: Twitter Hearts, Facebook Music and Homeaway Changes Hands

As the first full week of November winds down, we find ourselves once again ready to wrap up another Friday Five. Where does the time go? From Twitter to Google, change is in the air. Check out this week's roundup for the latest.

  1. If you're wondering why your star is now a heart, Twitter made the change this week. Favorites are a thing of the past as Twitter made the move to the more familiar 'like' sentiment. This is part of their push to jumpstart growth, though it remains to be seen how it will be received by users.
  2. Facebook makes some big changes to their local ad targeting, including dynamic ad copy and neighborhood data. 
  3. In other Facebook news, Music Stories were introduced this week for users to post 30-second music clips to their feed. The goal is to get people (and artists) sharing music on the platform, likely foreshadowing some other announcements in the space to come.
  4. Google Drive is getting some updates to help make mobile sharing easier. From sharing notifications to requesting file access, the new features should simplify the entire process.
  5. Because we're travel junkies, the news that Expedia will acquire Homeaway for the sum of $3.9 billion was slightly unwelcome given it now seems travelers will have to pay an additional fee to use the service. Enjoy the non-fees while you can, folks!

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