How to Safely Source Images for Your Sites and Social Channels

When it comes to using images online for your website or social channels, it's important to make sure that you're not stealing content as you can run into copyright issues. We've outlined a few sites to help ensure you are using Creative Commons, free stock photos or license-free imagery. 

Once you search for the image you want, you'll want to make sure you click on the drop down that says, "Any license." Then, make sure to click on "All creative commons." 


Looking for free photos you can use everywhere without attribution? Then, Pexels is the site for you. Browse through popular searches, high resolution images and you can also submit your own photos to their library.
If you're looking for high resolution, free stock photos then is your best bet. Sort by popular photos and browse through their library of content. 

Visit Unspash every 10 days to see 10 new high resolution images under the Creative Commons public domain license. 

Negative Space
Similar to Unsplash, Negative Space releases new images every week under Creative Commons CC0. You can also sort by category and color. 

Bing Images
When searching for images on Bing, you'll need to navigate to "License" and then select from the drop down. To be safe, click on "Free to share and use."

Google Images
Similar to Bing, when you search for images, navigate to "Search tools" and then "Usage Rights." From there, select either "Labeled for reuse with modification" or "Labeled for reuse." 

By following the sites and tips above, you can take steps to avoid any issues with copyright infringement. 

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