Friday Five: Santa Isn't the Only One with Lists Right Now

As we near the close of 2015, the lists are coming in fast and furious. From entertaining to informative (and some just downright weird), we're sharing some of the most recent ones in today's weekly roundup. Along with some non-list news for those who are over the end of 2015 countdown. 

  1. Twitter made pretty much everyone angry with them this week by testing out their revised timeline feature. The big complaint - for those affected by the "test," tweets were no longer in chronological order to show the most recent tweets first. Seems like risky business to us, Twitter.
  2. Uber launched their first desktop app through Windows 10, but even Microsoft seems to be having trouble explaining how the app works. Do you still need your phone? Well, maybe. 
  3. Facebook got into the list game by sharing their year in review. See how many events you forgot happened this year.
  4. Similarly, Pinterest decided to share their top searches from around the world. Who knew Harry Potter was still a thing?
  5. And if you're not already sick of lists (and own an iPhone), you may want to check out Mashable's list for the 15 best social media apps for your iPhone. 

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