Video News: Battle of the Live Streams

Earlier this year, the big buzz around live streaming video centered on the apps Periscope and Meerkat. Fast forward to December, and Periscope was just declared Apple’s App of the Year while Meerkat, well, you don’t hear them mentioned much.

Periscope’s success hasn’t gone unnoticed, and Facebook recently jumped into the live streaming game with Facebook Live (along with their other moves towards video domination ). And they’re not the only ones, the quickly growing Blab is another live video option focused mainly around group chats that you’re sure to hear more about in the coming months.

Given the growing importance of video in digital, we thought it was worth taking a quick look at three of the most talked about players in the live stream space.


Twitter announced acquiring Periscope back in March of this year, and the app has since become the frontrunner. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can set up your first broadcast almost immediately. If you’re not sure you want to jump in without some instructions, which is understandable given it’s LIVE, check out this handy tutorial from Small Business Trends. 

Used by brands and individuals alike, the potential ways to reach people and customers through Periscope is continually being tested and explored. Here’s a great list of ways businesses can use Periscope (or other live stream apps) to help reach and grow their audience. 


Launched initially as part of Facebook’s Mentions app (the one for celebs to interact with their fans), Facebook’s live streaming function is slowly getting rolled out to the masses as Facebook Live Video. Currently available to a handful of testers, Live Video allows users to broadcast videos in real time to their friends, select groups or publicly.

In its present state, the option to stream live video is similar to any other status update you’d currently make on your account. You hit the Live Video button and off you go. Though not yet open to everyone, given Facebook’s intense interest in video of all forms, it’s safe to expect you’ll be hearing more about Live Video very, very soon.


Blab is a bit of a hybrid between a few apps you might be familiar with, as it utilizes the power of live video combined with the immediate conversations happening on social and instant messenger apps. In a nutshell, Blab facilitates discussions between up to 4 participants by allowing them to broadcast to a larger audience in real time. People outside of the conversation can watch, comment and potentially swap places with the video participants (if the host allows).

Though Blab is still pretty new on the scene, people are already exploring the various ways to use it. From creating music with participants in separate locations to hosting political debates, the potential for Blab to take off is huge.

In short, the power of video and its predicted role as THE content marketing tool in 2016 can’t be underestimated. And it’s clear live streaming will be a part of that equation.

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