Google Analytics - Metrics to Keep an Eye On

We recently walked you through how to set up your Google Analytics account. Now, we're going to show you which metrics to look for in order to learn about your audience and the content they're consuming. If you're reading this and thinking that analytics seems daunting and stressful, don't worry. While it can be a bit overwhelming, we're here to guide you through the basics to help you get a grasp on what to look for and why.

Why does this matter? Well, making informed content and digital marketing decisions from looking at a set of data can set you apart from your competitors. Keep reading to learn how to view your top trafficked pages, the time users spend on your site, and where your traffic is coming from. Soon, you'll be optimizing your website and checking to see if you're hitting your goals. 

Top Trafficked Pages
To see which pages are popular on your site, navigate to the Behavior section and then look at "All Pages." 

In order to see the titles of your landing pages, click on, "Page Title."

Now, you'll be able to see how many page views your landing pages are getting. Once you know which pages are popular, you'll get a better sense of what kind of content resonates with your visitors so you can create more of it. 

Time Spent On Site

From the same section of Google Analytics (Behavior-> All Pages), you'll be able to see how much time visitors are spending on certain sections of your site by looking at the "Avg. Time on Page" column.  


Once you learn how much time users are spending on your site, you can improve the pages that have high bounce rates since these are pages that your users leave quickly. Experiment with adding videos to your pages to increase time spent on site. Improve the keywords and copy on those pages so they are found more easily through search engines. 

Referral Traffic
It's important to know which sites and social channels are sending traffic to you so that you know where your audience resides. To see how visitors got to your site, navigate to the Acquisition section. Then, go to "Source/Medium" to see which websites sent traffic your way. 

Make sure to be on the lookout for spam referrals. Spam referrals have negative effects including the fact that they can give you false data, which can negatively impact your strategy, and they can link back to malware/viruses within the reports (so don't click on them!) Wondering what spam referrals look like? Keep an eye out for the following links below courtesy of Viget

  • .com
    • semalt
    • buttons-for-website
    • buttons-for-your-website
    • darodar
    • priceg
    • makemoneyonline
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    • ilovevitaly
    • simple-share-buttons
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    • googlsucks
    • theguardlan
    • webmaster-traffic
    • event-tracking
    • 100dollars-seo
    • semaltmedia
    • traffic2money
    • chinese-amezon
    • success-seo
    • get-free-social-traffic
    • video--production
    • rankings-analytics
    • free-floating-buttons
    • rednise
    • hosting-tracker
    • alibestsale
  • .co
    • econom
    • ilovevitaly
    • erot
  • .ru
    • ilovevitaly
  • .org
    • humanorightswatch
    • 4webmasters
    • generalporn
    • guardlink
    • trafficmonetize
    • trafficmonetizer
    • copyrightclaims
  • .info
    • buy-cheap-online
    • get-your-social-buttons
  • .ml
    • domination
    • torture
  • .ga
    • pornhub-forum
    • youporn-forum
    • rapidgator-porn
    • depositfiles-porn
    • black-friday
    • cyber-monday
  • .tk
    • pornhubforum
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    • .foundation
    • pops
  • .xyz
    • justprofit
    • best-seo-software
  • .to
    • snip
  • .ly
    • adf


There's a lot to learn when it comes to blocking them out and filtering them from your reports. This article is for more advanced users so tackle if you dare:

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