Friday Five: Instagram Photos, Good News for Nonprofits and More

No time to follow the latest digital news? Here are a few things of note from this week. 

  1. Love posting portrait AND landscape images & videos? Then you'll be thrilled by Instagram's latest move to allow for both on their platform. 
  2. Nonprofits just got a boost from Facebook's latest feature. It's now a snap to donate to your favorite charity.
  3. Snapchat Discover added three new publishers to its platform. Remains to be seen how they will balance their growing brand coziness with Snapchat's core "see-it-before-it-disappears" audience. Room for both? 
  4. Chrome takes a stand against autoplay media.
  5. And in case you missed it, our favorite news of the week was Facebook's announcement that it will finally begin testing out ways to prevent video theft on its platform. Hallelujah!

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