How to Automatically Share Your Facebook Posts to Twitter | Tigerlily Consultants

Are you tired of manually posting to Twitter and your Facebook page? Our tutorial outlines how to share your Facebook posts so they end up as a tweet simultaneously. Your Facebook page will automatically post the tweet saving you time and making your workflows much more efficient.  

The first step in connecting your Facebook and Twitter accounts is to navigate to Once you’ve landed on the page, you’ll have two options as illustrated below: 

  1. Link your Facebook profile to Twitter
  2. Link your Facebook page to Twitter


Next, select the Facebook page or profile that you want to connect and click the link that says, “Link to Twitter,” as shown below: 

Once you’ve selected the account you want to link, you’re going to need to log in to your Twitter account in order to authorize Facebook. You’ll want to look at the upper right to make sure you’re logged out of any accounts, otherwise you will authorize the account that’s currently logged in.: 

After you’ve logged into Twitter, you’re going to be redirected to Facebook where you’ll need to select what you want to share: 

Once you hit, “Save Changes,” your Facebook posts will be shared to your Twitter account. 

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