3 Things You're Doing Wrong With Your Site

Let's face it, not everybody has the budget to hire a dev team to mock up site wireframes, develop seamless UX and build a website on staging and then push it to production. So, if you're building a site yourself on a very limited budget, keep the following oversights in mind and make sure to avoid them:

1. Your site cannot be found online. 
Often times, people overlook the metadata on their pages. You want to make sure your site is discoverable on Search Engines, so enter a few keywords into Google, Bing, Yahoo or your search engine of choice, and check if your site comes up on the first page. What does your site description look like? Make sure to include your services and any words you think people will search for related to your business. You also want to make sure your site pages are easily shareable to social networks so your users can spread the word about your company. 

2. It's hard for mobile users to access and read the content on your site.
As more and more people turn to mobile and tablets, make sure your site is mobile-friendly, responsive and simple to navigate. If users have to pinch their screens in order to read your copy, they may just leave your page and head to your competitor who has an optimized site. Don't let this happen. 

3. Important information is buried and navigation is cluttered. 
As mentioned above, more and more users are on the go and using their smart gadgets so you want to make sure your site contains all the important content at the top. Don't make people search through your site to find out what you're about. It's also important to include clean navigation to your contact page, services and about sections. 

At Tigerlily Consultants, we can help your small business develop a strong content marketing and social media strategy. If you're struggling with any of the above, we can work with you to fix them. Contact us today. 

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