4 Social Media Branding Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Social platforms are constantly popping up, popular ones today are always updating and you feel pressured to be on all of them. Managing multiple social channels all at once makes it easy to forget about the following oversights. Help your channels look and feel the same with our tips below:

1. You've got profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Instagram, Vine, Pinterest and Google+, but your channels look inconsistent. Is your brand look and feel aligned across platforms? Make sure you use identifiable profile photos, logos, banners and bios to let followers know about your company. Make sure to follow any brand style guides and adhere to color schemes. The last thing you want is for folks to see that your channel management is all over the place, which might give of the perception that your company is run that way too. 

2. You're posting on multiple social channels but the voice and tone on each platform is inconsistent with your brand voice. It's important to develop Editorial Voice Guidelines to help maintain your tone and personality online. If you're not posting to social channels yourself, chances are you're utilizing a Community Manager or perhaps a group of interns, so it's important to include any "Do's and Don'ts" to ensure your channels adhere to set guardrails. Having Editorial Voice Guidelines will prevent you from having to do damage control or PR cleanup down the line.

3. You're not including your website in your social bio. Help followers learn about your company by pointing them to your site. Social channels act as digital business cards so make sure to include a strong bio description that describes your services and how people can reach you. 

4. You've created social images but failed to include your logo or company name/url. Chances are, people will share your images so it's important to make sure you add a watermark to your assets. Having your company name on images will help get the word out about your brand and if your images end up on search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo, you've guaranteed a way to credit your company on the image. 

At Tigerlily Consultants, we can help your small business develop a strong content marketing and social media strategy. If you're struggling with any of the mistakes above, we can work with you to fix them. Contact us today. 

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