Friday Five: Snapchat Targets 35+ & Periscope Arrives on Twitter

Big changes are kicking off 2016. While Twitter scrambles to remain relevant, Snapchat makes a push to grow its current demo - could it be the next Facebook? Only time will tell, but check out all this an more in today's weekly roundup. 

  1. The Los Angeles Times has an interesting look at Snapchat's plan to reach the over 35 demo and expand it's appeal. With the White House (among others) announcing their new Snapchat accounts, they very well might be on their way. 
  2. As Snapchat continues to grow, news came out this week that Twitter stock hit a new low. This coming on the heels of the failed Moments and the news last week of a possible expansion to 10,000 character tweets. 
  3. Not one to be left behind, Facebook rolled out live streaming to verified account holders with the launch of their Mentions app for Android (finally).
  4. In happier Twitter news, Periscope videos are and will be arriving within your Twitter timeline. This marks the first time you will be able to access Persicope vids without having to launch the app separately. 
  5. And Skype just became an easier to access feature within Outlook's mobile app. When creating an event, you can simply opt for the Skype feature and Outlook will create a link to send with the invitation.

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