Friday Five: Everybody Wants Live Video Streaming

Predictions for digital marketing in 2016 focused on the importance of video, but live-streaming is proving to be the new battleground. The list of current apps is long and interest keeps growing. If you're not already live-streaming, chances are you will be soon.

  1. Facebook is making moves to become a major  player in the live video stream space. Social Media Today takes a deeper look at the latest on Facebook's live-streaming strategy.
  2. Meanwhile, IBM made its move into the live-streaming space by announcing it had recently acquired the nearly decade old Ustream.
  3. In other news, Google shared how they battled bad ads in 2015. Over 780 million ads were blocked due to violating their terms of service. Make sure yours isn't one of them.
  4. Speaking of acquisitions, Spotify just added two new companies to its roster. Both startups would allow Spotify to incorporate a more robust social networking element. 
  5. Yik Yak launched its web version of the popular messaging app. Now you can easily type out your anonymous thoughts -- without being stuck on your phone. 

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