Friday Five: Facebook Continues to Rule

As other social platforms have continued to emerge, it may have been easy to think that Facebook's reach was in decline. However, the social network continues to stay ahead of the pack with their latest Q4 earnings report. Long story short -- they killed it. Let's take a closer look at Facebook's latest and greatest. 

  1. Mashable takes a look at how Facebook can get ahead of Google and dominate the social space -- and beyond. 
  2. We've mentioned previously how Facebook has been testing the live streaming waters, but this week they announced it was officially available to all iPhone users (Android to follow). Give it a try and let us know what you think.
  3. And speaking of video, Facebook is now averaging 100 milllion hours of video watched on its platform daily. Let that sink in...
  4. The Reactions you heard were coming (still no "dislike" button), are officially rolling out. Get ready for a whole new set of emojis in your feed.
  5. Last but not least, Forbes comments on Facebook's growth with mobile. In fact, they note that 80% of FB's advertising revenue came through mobile. 

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