5 Tips to Help With Your Social Strategy

So, you've created a Twitter account, you're on Facebook, you're debating whether to join Instagram and you've also got a Google+ page to manage, and you're realizing that creating content for every single channel can be a daunting task. With that in mind, we've provided our favorite tips to help with your social strategy. You might already be aware of some of these but when it comes down to busy schedules and bandwidth, they sometimes get overlooked. We hope you find these suggestions helpful and utlilize them when crafting your content: 

1. Engaging content consists of these 4 great hallmarks: 

If your content isn't timely, authentic, informative or entertaining, chances are you will be ignored. You want to make sure the content you create will encourage your followers to share it with their friends. 

2. Always have a data-driven content strategy. Review your analytics periodically. 

Sure, analytics might seem a bit intimidating, especially for beginners but there's so much you can take away from knowing where your audience comes from, where they live, what posts they like the most and even what they don't like. Make sure to review your Twitter analytics to see which posts get the most impressions, (times a user is served a Tweet in timeline or search results). Take a look at your Facebook Insights to see how many fans were reached for each post, how many times your content was shared and how many Likes it got. 

3. When something terrible happens in the world and those events are still unfolding, you may wish to take a step back from socials and consider the implications of continuing to post. It goes against a lot of other social media advice, but sometimes the old cliché is true: silence is golden. For more information on how to handle social media in a crisis, read our post here

4. "Find the one channel that is densely populated with your ideal customer and inhabit it like no other." - Jeff Korhan

We like this quote because it reminds us that when it comes to creating social content, it's important to make the most of your resources. For small teams, it's important to leverage bandwith. Try not to join too many platforms at once, especially if your audience isn't there. Make sure to fish where the fishes are. 

5. "Use social media to inform, distribute and converse." - Dennis Shiao

When it comes to social, it's important to not only post content about your brand, but it's always good to engage with your followers and fans. Answer their questions, reply to their comments and show them that you're listening and value what they have to say. 

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