Friday Five: Twitter Looks to Morph + Apple Gets Emo

It's a new year and already the big bombshells have started dropping. Time to check out our new roundup from the first week of 2016.

  1. Oh, Twitter. If you haven't heard by now, it seems Twitter is looking to expand character counts well beyond the current 140. Buffer offers a deeper look at some of the reactions people have had to the news. Which camp do you fall in?
  2. In one-step-closer-to-sci-fi news, Apple has purchased the artificial intelligence tech company Emotient. 
  3. Want to discover new people to follow on Instagram? Get ready for Spotlight Compilations to become a regular feature.
  4. In other Twitter news, they are upping the ad game by allowing for customizable hashtags through what they're calling "conversational ads."
  5. Familiar with Slinger? They're looking to become the permanent home for viewing vertical video. 

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