How to Use Youtube's New End Screen Feature

Another platform update has hit Youtube and it's now easy for you to add end screens that allow you to promote other videos and playlists on your channel. You'll notice this method is much easier than the very manual tutorial I outlined a few weeks ago. Keep reading to learn how to add end screens to your video content. 

Step 1. Click "Edit" on the particular video you want to add end screens to. 

Step 2. Navigate to the top where it says, "End Screens and Annotations."

Step 3. The easiest way is to select from a variety of templates provided by Youtube. Click on "Use Template."

Step 4. Once you've selected your preferred template, click on the pencil icons to select the videos you want to promote. You have three options:

  • Most recent
  • Best for viewer
  • Choose a video or playlist

After you've made your selection, hit "Save." 

Step 5. Now, you can "Preview" your end screen and then hit "Save." 

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