How to Adjust Facebook Privacy Settings

If you have a business Facebook account, your default setting is to have everything public so customers can find you. Easy enough. But that doesn't mean you want your personal Facebook account to be quite so easily accessible.

In talking to our clients, we were surprised to find out how many didn't realize they could control who could see their personal social posts. Many were publishing things publicly when they really wanted only their friends to see it. 

Though I have many social accounts across platforms (personal and business), my own Facebook page is the one account I purposely keep to those I know. As such, it seemed like a good time to share the basics on how to restrict who sees what given Facebook's current settings. 

Privacy Checkup

The first way you can go about checking on your privacy settings is to make use of Facebook's own Privacy Checkup. Once logged in on your Facebook page, you can access this through the padlock in the upper right corner. 

Step One

Once you've clicked on the Privacy Checkup above, it will open the below list of options. The first to come up is "Posts" which allows you to set your posts as Public, Friends Only, You Only or Custom (see Custom in Step Two). From here you can select which you'd like as your preferred audience and save it. 

Step Two

If you selected Custom from the above setting, you will get the window below. This is where you can opt to share your posts with only select people or groups, or block anyone from being able to see a post you're sharing with a larger group. 

Step Three

Once you've saved your selections from above, you'll be directed to review the Apps you've currently accessed through Facebook. You'll be given the same options with regards to who can see posts through those apps. Once you've saved those changes, you'll be taken to the third option, which is to review who can view your email, phone number, birth year, etc. You'll want to check to make sure you're comfortable with the existing selections.

Step Four

Once you've gone through the above steps, you can also check on more detailed options by clicking on the small arrows (^) to expand any of the sections within the dropdown. Such as "Who can see my stuff?", "Who can contact me?" and "How do I stop someone from bothering me?"

Step Five

If you need to block specific users outside of the custom option, select the "How do I stop someone from bothering me?" and enter their name or email. 

Post Option

Another way to access your privacy settings is directly through your posting option. When you go to make a status post, you'll see the option to select your audience to the left of the "Post" button. From here, you can open up the same options and select who you'd like to be able to view your posts. 

And there you have it. If you ever wondered what the little globe was next to your posts, now you know. So if you don't wan the whole world to see your every move, be sure to pay close attention to the symbols with each post.

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