Friday Five: YouTube Joins the Original Video Game With Movies + Series

As the first week of February draws to a close, we have to admit it certainly does NOT feel like spring is going to come early. (Far be it for us to question a rodent's weather predicting abilities, of course.) But if winter continues to keep you indoors, it looks likes YouTube Red can at least provide some new videos to keep you busy. Check out that and more in this week's Friday Five.

  1. YouTube announced they are officially premiering YouTube Red Originals on February 10th. We hope for YT's sake these shows are better than their descriptions. #LoglineFail
  2. You've likely heard of influencers being tapped by brands for marketing purposes in the social space, but the new startup Applause wants to take that idea and bring it to live video. We keep saying live is the new thing, but this takes it to an entirely new level.
  3. Speaking of video, Instagram is expanding their current video ad offerings from 30-second spots to a full 60 seconds. How you feel about this probably depends on how you use the platform.
  4. In news we're genuinely excited to hear, Twitter has started testing a much-wanted GIF button. Get ready for an explosion of movement in your feed!
  5. And in news we're getting used to, yet another tech company is having trouble maintaining its shares due to disappointing numbers. This time it's LinkedIn that is having a rough start to 2016. Seems to happen a lot (Facebook's recent amazing news notwithstanding). 

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