Friday Five: Facebook Enters the Face-Swapping Game

Happy Friday! It's been a long week of changes, updates and interesting developments across the board. Today's digital roundup ranges from the familiar standbys to some newbies for this blog, so let's get to it.

  1. Facebook embraced the face-swapping trend by acquiring the mobile app Masquerade earlier this week. The interesting thing about Masquerade is that it doesn't stop at face-swapping, allowing users to add effects to video in addition to the "standard" face-swap you've (maybe) come to know and love.
  2. In other video news, as the networks continue to bleed viewers, video site Vimeo announced it's lineup of new originals, from comedy to its first original documentary. 
  3. LINE, the messaging app you may have heard of, is launching a new group call feature. The maximum number of people who can join your next free video chat? Only 200. Yeah, so limited. 
  4. Twitter Moments (remember them?) is getting an improvement on mobile. If you happen to use it, you'll see a sped-up version of the feature on your mobile - when possible, that is. 
  5. And in "things that should not exist" news, the new Peeple app has the distinction of being quite possibly the worst app to hit the market in a long time (and that's saying something). If you're not familiar with it, the Peeple app lets you rate people. Not businesses, people. Categories include Professional, Personal and Dating. Here's hoping it dies a quick death.

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