Engaging With Your Social Media Followers

Are you feeling the pressure to be on every single platform including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or whatever new social channel pops up next? At Tigerlily, not only can we can help your business determine which social channels makes sense for your niche, but we can also provide you with content tips, best practices and ways to make it easy to stay on top of every channel. If you don't have the bandwidth to post content yourself, we can also help in that department. We work within your budget, so feel free to contact us today.  

With that said, our new video series tackles the topics mentioned above. In our latest video, Melissa and I discuss how small businesses should post original content in addition to engaging with followers. We also stress the importance of turning on your social media notifications so that you can get alerts whenever you receive a like, comment, share or RT. Notifications ensure that you won't leave your fans and followers hanging. Check out our video below and make sure to subscribe to our channel!

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