Friday Five: Waze Predicts Traffic + More Algo Changes

Hope your St. Pat's Day celebrations weren't so much fun that you're having a rough Friday. At least the weekend is nearly upon us! 

This week saw A LOT of algo changes, so get ready for a new era in social strategy. On the upside, maybe Waze can ease your commuting frustrations.

  1. The biggest news of the week might very well be Instagram's plans to change how your news feed operates. Much like Facebook, Instagram is looking to organize posts by what they think you're most interested in, as opposed to the current chronological approach. But unlike Facebook, it doesn't sound like you'll be given the option to opt out. 
  2. In the same vein, Twitter's long promised feed change was released to everyone this week. Though Twitter gives you the option to revert to your usual timeline, if you can find it. 
  3. Google enters the algo change game with an impending tweak to its current mobile search results. This comes on the heels of larger changes made last year, but if you aren't a mobile-friendly site already, you'll need to be by May if you want people to find you.
  4. Use TweetDeck to schedule and manage your Tweets? Twitter made some updates that allow for automated log-ins -- no more logging in and out. Oh, and they're also pulling the plug on their Windows app. 
  5. And in good news for commuters and road trip fanatics alike, Waze's latest update will let you plan your drives in advance by factoring in traffic conditions BEFORE you leave. 

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