Friday Five: Apple Gets Chummy with Twitter

Apple made a move forward in its cool-ish relationship with Twitter. Nice to see the big brands get along. And following on the heels of the Academy Awards, the Television Academy had an announcement of their own to share this week. Digital content just got one step closer to mainstream media. Cool news, right? See what else went down in today's Friday Five.

  1. As mentioned, Apple made a bold move on Twitter this week by starting their own Apple Support account. The new account promises to be the same support you've come to know and love from the gigantic brand, but with a new handle and some extra perks.
  2.  Familiar with Slack? If not, you might want to get to know them. The messaging app that's perfect for teams just added easy-to-use conference calling to the mix. 
  3. Weebly, the company for building your own website, just added creating your own marketing emails to the mix with the launch of Promote. Drag-and-drop tools are the best!
  4. Facebook hopped into the music game by partnering up with Spotify. If you're a big user of Facebook Messenger, you can now access Spotify to select a song or playlist to share with your chat partner. 
  5. And, finally, back to those awards announcements. It seems the Emmys will now include categories that recognize short-form digital content. So, get shooting!

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