Friday Five: Personalized Video Feeds + Automated Tagging

Seems there isn't a week that goes by without a new video update. And this week was no exception. With video predicted to be THE way to reach an audience, it's no surprise everyone wants a piece of the action. Check out this week's Friday Five for the latest digital news. 

  1. Instagram announced a new personalized video feed through the launch of video channels in Explore. 
  2. Facebook has been teasing access to Instant Articles for quite some time now, but this week they opened them up to all publishers. 
  3. Artificial Intelligence is going to help Facebook automatically tag people in videos very, very soon. Creepy or cool?
  4. Facebook's push for more video has often come with the unintended consequence of stolen content making its way to the platform. Taking steps to make it easier for owners to protect their own content. Meet Facebook's Rights Manager tool
  5. If you love emojis and videos, then Snapchat has some news for you. If you're an Android user, that is. You can now pin animated emojis or stickers to video through the latest Android update.

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