How to Use Facebook Live

We've posted on Facebook Live A LOT in the last few months. And now that it's finally available to all Facebook iOS and Android users in the states through their personal accounts (and the previously permitted verified pages if you're a celeb or business), it seemed like a good time to explain how to use it. 

I have an Android, so I'm using that as the image in question. Don't worry if you're an iPhone user as the instructions are essentially the same. I also promise to not hold it against you. 

First step is to access your Facebook page through your phone. This part of the process is exactly the same way you would post any other text or image. Once there, you'll see something akin to the screen on the right. 

You are looking for the last icon to the right. The one with the little profile outlined in circles. You know, the one that looks like a radiant being and just appeared overnight. 

For refresher's sake (from left to right):

Camera = Photo/Video

Person with sales tag = Tag your friends (available on personal pages)

Smiley = What are you doing 

Light bulb thingy = Add location

Radiant being = Live video broadcast

Once you've selected the Live video option, you'll have the chance to add a description to your video. 

At this stage, you aren't yet transmitting, so no need to rush. The description is also optional, but I'd highly recommend including one to provide some context. 

Next up, select your audience. If you're a business, Public is likely your preferred option. Maybe not so much for personal posts. 

Once you've done the above, it's time to select Go Live. This is the official start of your broadcast. Keep in mind, Facebook Live videos are limited to 30 minutes in length, but that's likely not an issue when you're first starting out. 

During your broadcast you'll be able to see the number of viewers and Facebook friends, receive comments and respond. Beware of trolls. They're out there, but you can easily block them as soon as they pop up. (Thanks for thinking ahead, Facebook!)

Viewers will also have the option to subscribe, so you can always encourage them to do so for your business and future broadcasts.

Once you're done, just hit Finish. The video will automatically appear on your timeline for people to view later. You can also delete should you wish. 

And that's it! One tip to keep things going smoothly - make sure you have a strong internet connection or you risk dropping out. But what are a few tech issues among friends, right?

UPDATE: Since the original writing of this post, Facebook has since changed its Live video feature to a more easily identifiable option. See below.

No more radiant being. Say hello to LIVE.

No more radiant being. Say hello to LIVE.

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