Friday Five: Social Media Mourns Prince

It's been a full day since news broke of Prince's untimely death early Thursday morning. I spent most of my day listening to his music and remembering just how many of his songs were some of my favorites growing up. A remarkable career for a truly talented individual. 

As such, it seems fitting to include a few posts touching on the man and his fans, many of whom flocked to social media to pay tribute. Please forgive the slightly non-traditional Friday Five format this week. Until next time...

  1. Vox takes a look at some of the Twitter tributes that rolled in as word spread. 
  2. Snapchat chose to pay tribute with a Purple Rain filter. Tacky or touching? I'll let you be the judge.
  3. Mashable created an awesome video compilation of some of Prince's live performances. A vivid reminder of his talents.
  4. If you were looking for Prince songs to stream, there's a reason you couldn't easily find them. Slate explains.
  5. And finally, Gothamist put together an entertaining piece on Prince's career as an artist, performer, and all-around master of funk. Don't miss the included social stories and images, some of which might actually put a smile on your face.