Friday Five: Facebook Growth Explodes

As the last week of April winds down, thoughts start turning to summer plans and Memorial Day weekend. In the interim, digital keeps pushing forward and Facebook keeps reminding everyone they aren't dead. That and more in today's Friday Five.

  1. As mentioned above, Facebook has now reached 1.65 BILLION monthly users. That's right, billion. That staggering growth proves Facebook is still one of the most important social networks out there. 
  2. In related news, Facebook's collection of apps (Facebook, Messenger and Instagram) pull in an impressive number of regular users. The average user spends 50 minutes per day on those apps. 
  3. Snapchat gets pulled into a lawsuit regarding an accident caused by a teen using Snapchat's "speed" filter. Why such a filter even exists is beyond me, but apparently it does. It seems like it should go without saying, but stay safe on the roads and save the socials for when you actually have the ability to use them. 
  4. Spotify made news this week by acquiring CrowdAlbum, the service that creates albums based on social shares from events. The focus of CrowdAlbum is mainly on photos taken at live music events, so it seems like a good fit for the Spotify crowd. 
  5. And in news my dog would love, Furbo wants to help you stay connected to your pooch even when you're away at work. You can spy on your dog, comfort them in you absence, and dispense treats from afar. 

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