Friday Five: Facebook and Twitter Updates

Facebook made a bunch of changes this week. From video to messenger, the social giant unleashed update upon update into the wild. Highlighting the biggest ones (and one Twitter change worth noting) in today's digital roundup. 

  1. Facebook has been pushing hard on video over the last year. If you've uploaded a video lately, you probably saw prompts to add tags. Well, now Facebook is launching its own video search engine to help those tagged videos surface. 
  2. In a related move, Facebook took some cues from Periscope and launched a slew of improvements to help promote Live video broadcasts on mobile.
  3. In an announcement on its blog, FB began using artificial intelligence to help blind and visually impaired users experience photos through automated text-based descriptions. 
  4. And something that is especially relevant to business owners, FB Messenger is hoping to help you better service customer needs. If you don't already have a vanity title for your page, you may want to read up on how to get your Messenger username to accurately reflect your business. 
  5. Switching gears, Twitter made an interesting update to how you communicate through Tweets by allowing you to share a Tweet as part of a private conversation. The new Message button is currently only available on iOS and Android.

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