How to Schedule Social Media Posts With Hootsuite

If you’re managing multiple social media accounts and posting content natively in real-time through Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Youtube, you’ll be glad to know that there are more efficient ways of updating your social channels using one hub (dashboard). Using a dashboard can help you improve your workflow and cut down on the time it takes to post to your channels. Dashboards also allow you to schedule your posts in advance. Today, we’re going to focus on Hootsuite, especially since they just added Youtube to their platform. 

With Hootsuite’s free version, you’ll be able to post and schedule your social content on up to 3 accounts. If you want to post to all of your accounts, you’ll need to upgrade your account and pay so we suggest focusing on the popular social channels where your fans/followers currently engage most with your content. 

Step 1: Connect your accounts. 

Step 2: Refer to your Editorial Calendar as you plan out your social posts. See how Editorial Calendars can help you streamline your posts by checking out our blog post here: 3 Reasons to Keep an Editorial Calendar.  

Step 3: Choose the account(s) you want to post content to. 

Step 4: Write the content and add any images/links to the post. Make sure to tag other accounts for extreme exposure. If you’ve connected a Youtube account, you may now upload directly into the Hootsuite tool and it will post to your Youtube channel on the date/time you’ve specified. 

Step 5: You now have the option to post in real-time or you can schedule the posts. We recommend spending a few minutes each day creating posts in batches and then scheduling them out. Click on the calendar icon to select a date and time for your social post to go live. 

There are a few things to remember if you’ve scheduled a few posts. When a crisis situation has affected the lives of many, you don’t want your company/brand to seem insensitive. Pause your scheduled posts as a sign of respect. We discuss this very topic in our blog post here: How to Handle Social Media During a Crisis

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