Friday Five: Instagram's New Look

As you may have noticed (and we mentioned previously), Instagram got a revamped design. From logo to layout, it's a new day for the once nostalgic-minded app. This and more digital news in today's Friday Five.

  1. Google introduced its new Gboard for iPhone, which allows you to search directly from your keyboard. No more leaving a text message to get directions. You can do everything in one spot.
  2. Amazon continues to "go Hollywood," this time launching its YouTube rival, Amazon Video Direct. The move gives video creators a new outlet to promote their content, and it's even integrated with Amazon Prime Video's streaming service. 
  3. Facebook makes a move to set your phone panoramas into 360 photos. One step closer to the full VR experience at your fingertips. 
  4. This week also saw Facebook bring Dynamic Ads to Instagram, which allows advertisers to better promote their products through the social platform.
  5. And last, but not least, Instagram made good on its promised redesign. You can take a look on Instagram's blog

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