The Worst Advice We've Ever Heard About Social Media

Social media is something every business can benefit from. It helps build brand awareness, customer loyalty, and can provide immediate insight into how your customers view your services or product (to name a few). That said, in the push for social media and social media services, there is a lot of bad info that gets thrown around. 

If you're not familiar with how things work, it's tough to sort out fact from fiction. Sometimes there is a nugget of truth mixed in, but it's been misinterpreted by the person offering their "expert" advice.

Here are a few of the worst pieces of advice we've seen posted as fact.

Bad Advice #1

"You need to be on every platform to be seen"

Unless you're actually working in social media services, or have an army of people at your disposal, this is simply untrue. Most businesses only need to be on a few select social outlets. If you try every platform, not only do you risk spreading yourself too thin to keep up, but you could be wasting time posting to outlets that don't work for your business. You want to make sure your efforts reach the right people. Are your customers even on the platforms you're using?

Bad Advice #2

"Twitter is better than Facebook because everyone sees a Tweet"

This is one of those nuggets of truth wrapped in an incorrect interpretation. Yes, Facebook does limit who sees your posts if you're a business page because they want you to pay for advertising. However, the only way everyone who follows you on Twitter is going to see every Tweet you post is if you are the ONLY account they're following. Not likely. Twitter has limitations in reach, too, due to the fact that a Tweet has a short lifespan, people follow multiple accounts, and Twitter is also using algorithms to serve up what they think you might want to see (though you can still opt for chronological feeds for that last part). 

Bad Advice #3

"Just put up quality content and people will find you"

Again, a nugget of truth, but having quality content simply isn't enough. Don't get me wrong, quality is very important. Always go for quality over quantity because it's what people will remember you for and why they'll keep coming back. But it's misleading to suggest that it's all you have to post to be found. It's a competitive world out there and everyone is vying for the same eyeballs. You need to stand out, and good content is only a piece (though a key one) in the social media puzzle.

Bad Advice #4

"Paid media on Facebook isn't necessary"

There are ways to improve your organic reach outside of using Facebook's paid media options, but you are seriously putting yourself at a disadvantage if you don't at least use them occasionally. Facebook is widely accepted as a pay-to-play platform for businesses. If you have something important to promote on your business page, paid advertising is the smartest way to make sure your message gets seen.

Bad Advice #5

"Social media is all you need to drive traffic to your website"

Social media is an excellent way to drive traffic to your website. But it shouldn't be the only way you are directing people there. Let's say you only get site traffic from your Facebook page, then Facebook (as they often do) changes how the algorithm works in a way that means your traffic from them suddenly stops. What now? Social media platforms, and this is true for all of them, are businesses, too. They make decisions based on what works best for them, not you. If you rely on them for everything, you put yourself in a very precarious position. Social media platforms should be a part of a larger overall content marketing strategy, not your entire strategy. 

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