Friday Five: Instagram Tests Business Profiles

Check out the latest news from around the web in this week's digital roundup.

  1. Instagram is testing ways to help businesses unclutter their profiles on the popular social platform. Instead of requiring that all pertinent info remain in your bio, look for buttons to help direct potential customers to the basics. 
  2. After months of Facebook modeling its new Live feature on many of Periscope's existing functionality, it looks like it's Periscope's turn to copy Facebook. Look for the ability to save your Periscope videos beyond the 24 hour window. 
  3. In robotics news, it seems robot surgeons might be the next step closer to Skynet becoming a reality. 
  4. YouTube ads are an effective way to reach a wide audience. The Motley Fool takes a closer look at why it's worth investing advertising dollars here. 
  5. Lastly, TechCrunch explores the current monetization of digital content. In other words, things keep changing.

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