Friday Five: Snapchat Gets Serious About Ads

Everyone wants your ad dollars. Not much of a surprise, but the competition for your advertising budget continues to heat up among the big social networks. Look for new advertising tools, more video and big acquisitions in this week's digital news roundup. 

  1. In a move to help small businesses compete more easily with the video onslaught, YouTube launched its new app called YouTube Director. The tool allows for those without a marketing budget to create commercials without requiring outside help. 
  2. Pinterest made a move to remind you they're still relevant by adding retargeting options for ads on both the site and the app. 
  3. Snapchat pushes for more aggressive advertising options by inserting ads between stories in your feed. 
  4. Facebook made some changes to Messenger. In addition to allowing Android users to use the app for SMS, it also rolled out a new look to go with it. 
  5. The Economist takes a closer look at what exactly the Microsoft acquisition of LinkedIn means. 

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