How to Get Website Clicks Through Facebook Ads

Did you know you can leverage Facebook to garner clicks back to your website? By following the instructions below, you can create an ad that will promote your website so users can learn more about your business. 

Step 1: Navigate to the "Create an ad" section. You can find this via the drop down on the right (on desktop) or through your Facebook page. Select, "Send people to your website."

Step 2: Make sure you see the "Clicks to Website" image as illustrated below, before hitting continue.

Step 3: Next, you'll need to define your audience, budget and schedule. Tip: You may now reach people who have watched videos on your Facebook Page and send them back to your website. As you customize your target audience, make sure to pay attention to the "Audience Definition" on the right side as this will help you gauge your reach and how many people will likely see your advertisement. 

Step 4: You'll also need to set the location for where you want your ad to show up. Then, set the age range for your target demographic. 

Step 5: Set the target gender for your ad as well as the languages. You may also set detailed targeting and include various affinities and interests for your target audience. Click on the drop down and select the connections type, (Do you want people who have already liked your page to see this ad? Maybe you want their friends to see the ad as well). 

Step 6: Designate where you want your ads to appear. By default, automatic is selected. 

Step 7: Next, you'll need to set your budget. If you've got a very specific or limited budget, then you will want to make sure you set your LIFETIME BUDGET. This will ensure you won't spend more than you're willing to pay. If you know how much you're willing to spend per day, leave the drop down as "Daily Budget" and type in the amount per day. Then, set the schedule. You can select a start and end date for your ad to run. Then, optimize your ad for delivery and set the bidding option. You may leave the bidding type to let Facebook set the bid that helps you get the most clicks. You can also determine how you want to get charged. (Options included based on cost per click, you only get charged when someone clicks your ad or by cost per Mille - impressions). We recommend CPC - Cost per Click. Then, we recommend leaving the Ad Scheduling and Delivery Type as is.  

Step 8: Then, name this particular ad set and then hit the blue button below to continue. 

Step 9: The next step is to select media, text and links to create one or multiple ads. Once you've selected your image(s), slideshow or video, then you can now write copy and link to your site.

Step 10: Once you've added a headline, URL and selected a Call to Action (Learn More is the default), then you can preview your ad for multiple devices and then Place Your Order. 

This was just one of the many advertising options that Facebook offers. If you’re unsure about executing Paid Media on your own, we’re happy to help and can do it for you.

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