Friday Five: Big Changes Come to Video

Another week, another move to cash in on the video marketing market. Say that three times fast. From Facebook to Snapchat, read on to see what's happened this week around the web. 

  1. Facebook launched video comments in an effort to catch up to Snapchat's video consumption. Users can now include videos within comments, which helps expand the number of videos in the social giant's ever-growing video library.
  2. Speaking of Snapchat, it wants you to know it's the best place for marketing videos and is backing that up with data. It also seems audio with video is far more popular on Snapchat than Facebook - something advertisers find very appealing.
  3. Google launched a new app that lets you turn Apple Live photos into GIFs and videos.
  4. Shifting gears, Microsoft launched its new project management service Planner. This is a big deal if you find yourself still getting projects tracked through Excel sheets.
  5. Twitter was (possibly) hacked according to a Russian hacker. If true, 32 million passwords may be up for sale on the Dark Web. Might want to change yours...just to be safe.

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