Friday Five: Advertisers Want to Join Pokémon Go

If you've managed to avoid news of Pokémon Go this week, consider yourself lucky. As for the rest of us, that's been an impossible task. Given the mobile game's popularity, it's not surprising that advertisers would want in on the act. Read on for this and more in today's digital roundup.

  1. As mentioned, Pokémon Go seems to be the nation's current obsession. It even topped Facebook and Twitter in use this week. Soon, advertisers will be able to get in on the act with sponsored locations. In other words, this isn't ending anytime soon.
  2. And in shows nobody asked for, Apple is moving forward with their own reality show on apps. Yes, apps. 
  3. TechCrunch is as annoyed by Instagram's new algorithm as the rest of us around here. Do you agree?
  4. Facebook is bringing Instant Articles to Messenger in an easier to view format. Get ready for quick-loading articles to start appearing in the app. Select articles will benefit from the feature, so don't expect to see it on all of them. 
  5. And in "it pays to follow the law" news, the FTC slapped at Warner Bros. for its shady paid promotion tactics on YouTube. The internet might be the Wild West to a degree, but that doesn't mean you can ignore the rules they DO have. 

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