Friday Five: Canva's Design Tools Come to iPhone

There are a lot of tools on the market aimed at helping small businesses simplify day-to-day operations. If you're not using them, you could definitely be missing out. The good news is, the demand keeps the options coming. Competition yields innovation and we all benefit. Check out this week's digital roundup to see what's new. 

  1. Microsoft unveiled its new Bookings app, which is designed to help small businesses easily handle customer appointments and related info.
  2. Canva, the incredibly popular design platform, is launching a new app on iPhone. Android is still down the line...perhaps far down the line. 
  3. Twitter now lets anyone apply for verification. Finally, that little blue checkmark might be within reach for your business, though it remains to be seen how mass availability with impact how people perceive verified accounts. 
  4. Google brings Accelerated Mobile Pages to ads in a bid to help with speed and optimization.
  5. And speaking of Google, Google Maps now allows for more input from users. Get ready for the ability to add a venue, suggest edits and enhance & verify additional info. This is beneficial to accuracy in data and could be a big help to businesses.

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