Top 5 Social Media Tools For Small Businesses

When it comes to social media, there are a few essential tools that small businesses should look into. We've gathered a list of our top 5 tools to help you stand out on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

1. Twitter Dashboard
Twitter Dashboard is in beta and available to all U.S. based businesses. With this new dashboard, you can create a custom feed to see what's being said about your business. You can also schedule tweets to post in advance or get ideas on what to tweet related to your small business.

2. Canva
If you're in need of image creation, then Canva is a cost-effective way to create images from scratch for a variety of platforms. Use their templates, icons and backgrounds to create a variety of content including inspirational quotes, ads, cover photos, and more.

3. Adobe Spark
Video is booming in the digital marketing space. If you need to create video on the fly, use Adobe Spark to leverage premade templates and create animated slideshows for your business. Note, there's some watermarks and branding added to the end of your video but there are ways to remove them.


4. Hootsuite
Who has the time to post into each and every native platform? With Hootsuite, you can schedule posts ahead of time for multiple social platforms including: Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, G+ and LinkedIn. You'll need to upgrade your account if you want to post to more than two channels.

5. Trello
If you need to collaborate with team members or create your own digital to do lists, then Trello is an essential tool. You can stay up to date on projects, assign to others or use it for progress reports. 

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