Friday Five: Snapchat Rolls Out Memories

Seems everyone is trying to expand their appeal, whether it be with a different demo or a new business group. This week includes Snapchat's latest move to grow its audience and Mircrosoft's new features aimed at small business. All this and more in today's digital roundup. 

  1. In a bid to appeal to older users, Snapchat is launching Memories. The new feature allows users to save photos and videos for later viewing, but it remains to be seen if this will turn off the younger users who like the idea of temporary shares. 
  2. The battle over total video domination continues to heat up. Google just announced its acquisition of OTT video company Anvato. The service will run on Google cloud. 
  3. Microsoft wants to see LinkedIn finally reach its potential by incorporating improved tools to help the already active community work better together. Collaboration might finally be here. 
  4. Speaking of Microsoft, Skype Meetings is the new free service aimed at helping small businesses with their video conferencing needs. Since most small companies don't need the larger services included in Skype for Business, this is a perfect way to get some of the benefits without the cost. 
  5. And in other small business news, Instagram is adding a Comment Moderation option to its Business Page section. 

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