How to Post Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories recently launched and it's very similar to Snapchat, minus the oh so popular bee and dog filters. With Instagram Stories, you can create photo or video collections, add emojis and captions on top of your posts, and they will stay on your feed for 24 hours. For small businesses, Instagram Stories are helpful for sneak peeks, behind the scenes content or even promos. You can see who has viewed your stories, which is always good to know. Unfortunately, you can't comment on any Instagram Stories, but you can send messages. Watch as I walk you through how to leverage photos from your iPhone Camera Roll to use as your Instagram Story. 

To get started, follow the steps below (or watch the video above). 

1. Open up Instagram and tap on the + sign on the upper left. 

2. Once you open your camera, you can either hold the middle circle down to record a video or tap the circle to take a photo. 

3. After you've taken a photo or recorded your video, you can add a caption or emojis. 

4. If you want to leverage a photo or video from your Camera Roll, simply pull down on the screen once you've opened your camera.   

Remember, you can add multiple clips to your story and it will last for 24 hours. This is helpful if you're afraid of over posting to your Instagram feed. 

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