How to Create a YouTube End Card

Have you noticed that at the end of YouTube videos, there are end slates or end cards that combine both graphics and promote other videos to watch? Well, today I'm going to show you how to create these end cards for your YouTube videos to help give them a more professional look. 

End cards do a good job of keeping viewers on your channel so they keep watching more and more videos. You can link to a playlist or an individual video and if you use end cards on all of your videos, you'll create a never-ending cycle of content. 

Watch as I walk you through how to create an end card using your phone. 

Two apps that you'll need are:
1. Phonto
2. iMovie (or any video app that allows for "Picture in Picture")

First, all you need to do is create an image template (dimensions: 1920 x 1080) where you entice users to watch the next video and subscribe to your channel. Some end cards also include icons for social channels, but that's totally up to you and how much detail you want to include on your end slate template. 

After you've added some text to a blank image, (you can use Phonto, Canva or even Photoshop), all you have to do is pull that image into a video editing app. If you're using iMovie, make sure the Ken Burns functionality is turned off. If you leave it on, your image template will be moving around and you don't want that. 

Then, select a video you want to link to in your end card and click on the option with three dots, then select "Picture in Picture," highlighted in red below. Next, simply customize the size and location of your video. (We've seen videos on end cards in the center, on the side, at the bottom - it's up to you to be creative with your template). 

Once you've added the video to your image template in a video app, save and export it at the resolution of your choice. 

Next, add the newly created end card to the end of your YouTube video. 

Upload the video to YouTube and then use Annotations to create links on your end card. 

A few things to note, end cards and Annotations are only available on desktops and not mobile or tablet devices. Make sure to use Youtube Info Cards if you want your mobile/tablet users to watch other videos on your channel.  

If this tutorial is a bit too advanced, I'm more than happy to help create an end card for your small business. 

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