How to Schedule Your Instagram Posts

If you’ve taken photos in advance and want to schedule them to be posted on Instagram, there are a options. It's important to note that you must have a Business Profile in order to leverage the scheduling functionality offered by Buffer or Hootsuite. Post your banked photo content to Instagram using one of the free options below.

Save Drafts Within Instagram

Instagram allows you to save drafts so you can prep your posts in advance. Simply select the image you want to share, add your caption, hashtags, location and tags. Then, instead of hitting “Share,” click the back arrow until you see the option to “Save Draft.” You’ll notice your drafts as soon as you go in to select a photo. When you’re ready to post, simply go to your draft, hit “Next” and then, “Share.” Watch the helpful video tutorial:

Schedule Posts in Hootsuite to Publish Directly to Instagram (Recommended Choice)

Hootsuite allows you to post directly to a Instagram using their website and/or their Android or iOS app.

Watch the official Hootsuite video tutorial:

Scheduling and Posting from Buffer

Buffer requires that you use their app on Android or iOS devices in order to schedule and post directly to Instagram. Unfortunately, you cannot use their website to schedule Instagram posts. Watch the official Buffer video tutorial:

Hopefully, you found these options helpful and can start scheduling your posts today.