Enterprise level service on a small business budget

Content & social media consulting 

While our consulting services don't include marketing execution, we will partner with your organization to help develop a comprehensive strategy, offer support & training, and advise on best practices in order to help grow your brand and keep you on the right track. We know the tips and tricks the big guys use to get their stuff seen and elevate their brands, and we'll share them with you. 


brand consulting

Your brand needs to stand out from your competitors and reach the right audience. If you aren't careful, you can send a jumble of mixed messaging that not only doesn't help you, but actually could start working against you. We can help develop your brand identity and make sure it's consistent across platforms. This includes logo recommendations, voice guidelines, site feedback, social media accounts, marketing copy, etc. 


social media audit

This service is for clients with existing social media accounts and a limited budget. This is a one-time review to help address how to improve your social media performance and get a better ROI on the time you're investing there. We will look at your existing social channels and provide tips and recommendations based on best practices, what's working for you and what will help yield better results. Exact price is based on the number of accounts you want to have reviewed. 


website content audit

This service is for clients with an existing website. This is a one-time review to help address how to improve your site content for mobile, marketing, and SEO. We'll review your existing web pages/layout and provide feedback. This includes best practices and suggested edits & revisions. Price is based on number of pages requiring review. 


Marketing plan review

Need a second opinion on your current marketing plan? We will provide feedback & suggestions based on our years of professional experience to help improve your existing marketing plan and point you in the right direction. 


coaching and tutorials

Video conferencing and tutorials are available to those who wish to learn how to manage their own social media accounts and ask questions. 


Please contact us for more details and pricing information.